The Advanced Procurement skills workshop is an intensive 3 days’ program and is designed for procurement and related executives who wish to broaden, sharpen and deepen their procurement skills and competencies.

Procurement success comes from a focus on new and innovative ways to reduce costs and increase value from suppliers. This course provides advanced tools and techniques which will deliver improved business results.

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What to expect

• Get an in-depth Understanding on how Procurement can impact the businesses core financial metrics

• Build a detailed cost model and understand the implications of total cost of ownership

• Analyse supply and value chains and identify opportunities for cost out / value improvement

• Segment the supplier base to select the right suppliers to focus on for SRM activities

• Apply a range of tools and techniques to proactively manage the internal stakeholders

• Identify potential source of risk to the organization and how to mitigate them.

  prepare procurement plans and strategies and how to implement them.

Who should attend

Senior Procurement Officers, Project Managers and Team Members, Cost Management Accountants, Directors, Finance Managers, Procurement Professionals and Business Owners


17th - 18th November, 2020